“Sturt’s Desert Pea Porcelain Sculpture” by Simina Barcau

“Sturt’s Desert Pea Porcelain Sculpture” by Simina Barcau is opened for exhibition and sale at Urban Cow Gallery from the 2nd of July to the 1st of August 2015. The Opening Night is on Thursday the 2nd of July from 6pm to 8pm, with the Opening Speaker Dr. Wendy Ella Wright.

“Sturt’s Desert Pea Porcelain Sculpture” exhibition is a small collection of porcelain sculptures, framed tiles, mosaics and vases that pursue the magnificent shape of Sturt’s Desert Pea flower which is also the symbol of South Australia. The Art works interpret this flower in various shapes, from the realistic shapes to more abstract ones. There are also models of this flower used as decorations for the “Portrait Vases” (a theme I also explored before). The outcomes are to create some Art works that could last through the time and bring joy to the audience of South Australia, as well as experiment new shapes and techniques in the unique manner that porcelain offers. The quality of this exhibition is to explore delicate shapes in a suitable material, and the artistic merit is to realise objects in a final material through a long process that includes sketches, models, moulds, rough products, firings, decorations and the final porcelain Art works. The project communicates by celebrating the beautiful Sturt’s Desert Pea Flower and I believe that the space of the Gallery of Urban Cow Studio suits well to my works.

The preparation time for this exhibition was of about six months to develop the Art works. My inspiration for this exhibition came about two years ago when I was driving with my husband through the desert to Coober Pedy and suddenly we noticed all covered with red next to the road. We did not have any idea of what it could be, so we stopped the car and had a look and were surprised to observe the flowers of Sturt’s Desert Pea. Those shapes and colours fascinated me so I started to think about creating some objects inspired from these beautiful flowers. And that’s why I used cheerful pigments and especially the red colour to suggest the flowers.

The approximate size of the Art works is between 20cm and 60cm height and they are to be exhibited on walls and plinths. I am dedicated to each work I do, each work has its own life, and I try to express something with each of them. All my works were developed at my studio home where I also have a ceramic kiln, and I used Ice Cool Porcelain clay and slip, pigments and glaze. Porcelain is my preferate medium of work and I used it in different manners such as slip casting and hand building. I even grew up a big Sturt’s Desert Pea in my garden that has now six flowers and more to come.

In the end I would like to say that my career in Australia embraced both teaching, doing my own Art, studying and exhibiting. I had a break of few years, so I decided to start and produce some new works and have the chance to exhibit at the Urban Cow Gallery in July 2015. And this is a challenge for me, not only because the break I had, but also because I was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2015. I look forwards for this event and for the audience to visit and enjoy!

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